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That Time I Went to Scotland...

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

You know when you decide that you're going to try something new, whether it be a new hobby or a new habit, and you're absolutely filled to the brim with positive intentions and a sparkling energy? It's why so many people are seduced by the idea of a New Year's Resolution - it's a chance to make yourself feel marginally better about *something*.

There's a reason why those resolutions don't last.

pink flowers blooming in Edinburgh
I love photographing florals - and Scotland was just beginning to bloom

Most of the time, it's because trying to make a change that is essentially 180 degrees from your current lifestyle is unsustainable. You attempt to do too much, too fast, and when you don't find immediate satisfactory results, you get discouraged. If you do attempt that 180 flip, you need to be filled with an almost zealous passion for whatever it is that your trying to change - that, and the knowledge that it takes approximately 30 days of continuous action to form a habit.

So, why am I ruminating on this subject? Because, Dear Reader, the last post that I made stated that while I was on my week-long trip to the gorgeous Scottish Highlands, I would be

Dear Reader...that did not happen.

a beautiful view of Edinburgh city from Castle Hill
Edinburgh from Castle Hill

First, and probably the biggest deterrent to my original plan, was that I did not have my laptop with me while on this trip. It was for all intents and purposes, a back-packing trip throughout the entire country of Scotland, and I did not have the room for it. So, instead, I wrote daily in my travel journal, and I also created an Instagram highlight reel to help it along (and also because my mother would have tanned my hide if I hadn't posted photos).

Essentially, this is the post that will act as a prologue for the next series of posts. Since I did journal, I have all the information that I would've blogged about, just in a more millennial-hipster vibe.

I will get the hang of this blogging thing eventually. I hope.

delicious pastries in a patisserie window in Edinburgh
One thing that I love about Europe - the pastries!

Until next time, Dear Reader.

XOXO, Victoria

#Travel #Scotland #Lifestyle #Writing

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