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Why Now?

I told my best friend that I was creating a website, and her response was what I imagine many of yours would be.


I'm so glad that you asked.

The last year has been a time of serious changes in my personal life. I started taking a stronger interest in my health, both mental and physical. I moved out of my parents' house and into a cute little apartment with the aforementioned best friend. My parents up and sold their house in Arizona and moved back to other side of the country, leaving me without any close family within a 30 minute driving distance, for the foreseeable future, for the first time in my life.


So when 2019 began, I decided to choose a word. Rather than create a list of resolutions, I chose a word that I wanted to represent my year. This would be the word that I would refer back to as a personal mantra whenever I felt myself becoming stagnant in my personal journey. That word is: Accountability.

2019 is the year that I'm holding myself accountable for living my life to the fullest. If I say that I want to do something, travel somewhere, anything at all, I'm holding myself accountable to at least try. In the past, I would only set out to do something if I was held accountable to another person: family, friends, colleagues, my cat. This year, the only person that I need to be held accountable to is myself.

This website/blog/creative space is among those things that I've said that I've always wanted to do - and in the spirit of 2019, I did it.

So thanks for stopping by. Hopefully you'll come back soon - I've got big plans.

XOXO, Victoria

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